Navel Gazing

A couple of weeks ago I ran across a book which I started reading on my kindle. This book, titled ‘The Well-Educated Mind,’ gave me a roadmap to a reading list that I decided to tackle. Beyond that it also provided me with inspiration:

“Occasionally, though, commonplace books took on a more personalized form. Their authors carried them around and jotted in them at odd moments during the day. The commonplace books gathered reflections, scraps of original verse and other creative writing, and summaries of books read, as well as the de rigeur bits of copied information. They became artificial memories.”

This quote seemed to fit so well with thoughts that I had previously considered that it helped me coalesce my intentions into a plan of action. I started with a twitter account under the pseudonym amcommonbook which represents ‘Artificial Memories Common Book.’ I believe that using twitter in this way works well for me. I have now also expanded to this new blog here at WordPress to enable and encourage more long form exploration of my thoughts.

I have tried blogging (and twittering) under alternative pseudonyms in the past pretty much unsuccessfully and have since dumped all of that content. I am hoping that this experience will be different and better. I think that it will be partly because my intentions are different. I’m not hunting for an audience or playing to a crowd or trying to specialize in some subject. I am simply going to journal and jot for myself as I see fit but do so in full public view.

As I see it, I have nothing to lose and much to gain. Life is a journey on which you can not anticipate all the twists and turns but you can leave bread crumbs behind you to record where you have been.

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