I feel creative, inspired even, until I open WordPress, twitter, or yarny at which time I go blank. I don’t know why that is, but it is. I think this blankness phenomenon helps explain my episodic attempts at these endeavors. I start out gun ho and spend effort setting up and planning the environment and tools that I will be using. Then when the best of my energy is spent I’m left staring at a blank page. Another reason would be that I get interested in so many different projects that I move unto the next one before finishing the one that I’m already working on. It’s like having the attention span of a humming bird, always sampling then moving on.

The question to myself becomes, how do I stay engaged with one effort (i.e., this one). Part of the issue is finite time. I only have limited free time which I divide amongst multiple interests. Lately? I use spare moments to read. Perhaps I can share a few of those sparse moments with writing instead of reading. Practice should overcome blankness. Persistence should overcome the tendency to lay outside this effort. I can but try.

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