Stream of Consciousness

Counter culture
Gutter trash
tall suede boots
Egg whites
Lengthily trains and kayaks
Short skirts and boxer briefs
Bicycling for pleasure, exercise, or necessity
Cooling mist
Red light is flashing
Wrong lane
Out of business
Purple backpack
Glass slippers
Indecision specialist
Where did all the bumper stickers go
Youthful mistakes
Mistakes with no excuses
fire embers can travel over one mile
Know what I mean
Red on red
Blocked entrance
Shades of grey in color
White rocks surrounding dirt
Slouchy overalls with one strap hanging undone
Blue arrow with purple grapes
Running in traffic lounging on a balcony
Ambulance chasing
Deceptive advertising
Scattered thoughts

Does it make sense? No.
Is it meant to? No.
What’s the purpose? Who says it has to have a purpose?
It’s not a technique for brainstorming? No.
Weird poetry? Not even close.

Done on a whim

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