Writing Creatively

All my life I have had a vivid imagination. I have made multiple aborted attempts to translate an internal story to written form. At a basic level, I desire to accomplish a well-written creative masterpiece – the great American novel so to speak. However, I don’t think I ever will for the following reasons:

– time constraints and competing interests. Writing any lengthy creative piece takes a considerable amount of dedicated time. I have a hard time dedicating that much time to one task. I have too many other interests.

– writing well demands a certain level of word crafting expertise. I think I do fairly well in word crafting certain types (essays, technical documents, white papers) of writing when I devote attention to the task but I have largely forgotten or never truly learned the mechanics of dialog, scene setting, etc. I think over time I have even forgotten much of the technicalities once learned such as sentence structure, proper punctuation usage, etc.

– boredom and translation. When I imagine something I am essentially telling myself a story (for lack of a better word). Because it is happening in my mind, it happens very fast and not necessarily completely word based. I sometimes rethink through the same story lines but usually with variations. This leaves me with multiple problems when I attempt to replicate the process while capturing the story in written form. Try as I might I cannot translate the story from my mind through my fingers fast enough. My mind wants to race ahead. I then get hung up with trying to find just the right words, phrases and concepts to capture what I see in my mind’s eye. More often than not I am disappointed by the result. Then I also become bored, my mind has raced on and wants to move on but my fingers are still stuck in an earlier part of the story. Then the variations sneak in and I want to revise what I have already written.

I’m led to believe by previous efforts that should I ever accomplish a lengthy composition it will be so bad no one will ever want to read it. I couldn’t blame them, I wouldn’t even want to read it.

😦 but I’ll probably post excerpts of badly written non-creative drivel here anyway.

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