sorting thru murals eaten by America and spat out

I’m currently infatuated with the iPhone ‘Inspiro’ app. Several results are already shared via the twitter feed. Should I continue to use it, I probably won’t credit it ever again. However I am crediting it right now for inspiring this post.

When the phrase “sorting thru murals eaten by America and spat out” was provided to me by the app, an avalanche of associates thoughts collided through my mind. I thought to myself “there are so many different ways that I could take that.”

I’m always running across murals in my travels. I think some of the most fascinating are the ones that I have seen in small rural communities. They are the least likely to have the spit and polish of professional muralists but can be surprisingly artistic. They are also much less likely to be defaced than their counterpoints in more urban areas.

I pass by several murals each day as I take various routes to and from work. Some are iconic. There at those that have cultural and civic significance in association with their immediate surroundings. Others have been defaced. A very few are actually artistic.

Murals become part of their surroundings being developed and influenced by those surroundings followed by having an influence on how the inhabitants internalize their relationship with the area. In a strange sense we are what we eat so as we internalize (eat) what is depicted in a mural and react to it (spitting it out), it becomes part of us.

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