Nonsensical posts, legitimate?

Many years ago at the dawn of the mobile to blog connective age, I posted stream of consciousness type posts. Later I did the same on my first twitter account. In the first case, I was mis-identified as a robot spammer until I proved that it was just little ol’ me. It didn’t help, I suppose that I was blogging anonymously just as I am now but under a different pseudonym.

They say beauty is in the of the beholder. Who is to say what kind of blog content is valid? Don’t I have a right to post gibberish if I so choose? I’m not forcing anyone to read it nor am I stealing anyone else’s original content (I do wish the spammers would me alone, please? Thank you!). Nor am I screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater. I’m not claiming to be a journalist or some other professional type that should be held to a higher standard. I’m not representing a business, organization, governmental entity, movement, concept, or creed. Come to think of it. Not even representing myself. I suppose you could say that I am writing graffiti on a big empty white wall located on a sparsely travelled but very public side street for my own enjoyment.

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