I do not remember ever being good at memorization. If I could understand a topic logically or remember in general and associatively then I could master the subject. Much of my learning occurred through contextual deduction. Give me something to just memorize and I had trouble. So, I always did well on multiple choice questions and could handle fill in the blank if given enough context.

Everything from spelling recitation to multiplication tables to chemistry tables gave me grief. Hated them. I still do in fact. I analyze. I deduce. I don’t recite facts and figures. I have a horrible time with remembering names. I adapt. I compensate. Cheat notes work well in most business situations that I find myself in.

For the majority of my life I have been a voracious reader. When young, I would stubbornly read books that were too advanced for me. I soon decided that it was too much work to grab a dictionary every time I did not understand a word. So, I became very good at evaluating the surrounding context for meaning. That is all changing because of the Kindle.

It’s simple while reading on the Kindle to link to the dictionary and read the definition. I’m occasionally even surprised to learn that my understanding of some words do not sync perfectly with their accurate definitions. Partially as a consequence of this realization but also as a way to exercise my brain and enhance my brainstorming for this blog, I located a couple of iPhone apps that use flashcard methodology to help me learn new stuff with an emphasis on vocabulary.

Unsurprisingly, I’m still not very good at the memorization. But at least the iPhone apps that I have found make the attempt more fun.

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