I have followed @plinkyprompts on twitter for quite a while. I am not sure exactly how long. Definitely since I started this blog but I think much longer. I originally thought that they would be a good source to give me something to write about every day when I couldn’t think of anything else but then of course I stopped writing.

Anyway, today’s prompt made me stop and think. If I stop to think about then I think I should probably make note of it for a future topic even if I don’t have time to write right then.

Today’s topic:

@plinkyprompts: You’re writing a spooky story about the sea. What’s in the deep end?

The phrasing of this prompt is a little weird. Deep end makes me think of a swimming pool not the sea. If I was talking about the sea I would write “deep” but not “deep end.”

As far as what I would write, a dozen movies come to mind that could be ripped off. Everything from Jaws to Aliens. Original concepts are harder to come by – haven’t they all been done? Spooky would normally make me think of ghosts or supernatural phenomenon – hasn’t Pirates of the Caribbean pretty well covered that realm?

If I wanted to be originally unoriginal, I would combine the themes. How about the deep end of the sea being haunted by both the ghost of an alien and a killer great white shark and the protagonist is stuck on a submarine that has lost propulsion with only a limited (weeks at most) supply of oxygen. To add insult to injury the sub is also haunted by ghosts of former sailors which are trying to communicate with the protagonist but only manage to scare him with their noises and apparitions. It’s not clear to the reader if the sailor ghosts are trying to help the protagonist or not.

Spooky enough to be the germinating idea of a story, perhaps. Not necessarily a good story though. That Would depend on the other elements and the writing not to mention the editing.

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