Regarding my continuing adventures in non-writing.

I remember discovering nanowrimo early on. I think it was during its second year. That was also my only serious attempt to actually participate. I was on target for several days too until I accidentally spilled a drink in my notebook computer. That ended that.

Now adays I follow them on twitter and tell myself that maybe next November will be the right timing (only to be disappointed in myself each November).

Anyway, lately I have noticed that they get a bit Silly on Fridays.

@NaNoWriMo: I’d speculate about if so-called normal people spend this much time discussing punctuation, but…50,000 words, 30 days-normal is long gone.

I can see where someone would lose the state of normal after 30 days of constant writing. I would think that a new state of normal would have been created by that point. I am envious.

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