Today’s writing prompt:

@plinkyprompts: Describe the best teacher you’ve ever had. http://t.co/AWDBTWBR

Bar none, my Mom and Dad!

What? That question was suppose to be about actual school teachers?

What qualities should describe the best teacher?
– one who cares about their students and translates that caring into hard work and effort to reach their kids
– someone who is basically decent inside and outside of the classroom
– someone who inspires their student to want to continue to learn about a given subject
– someone who maintains discipline and order in the classroom
– someone who actually crams the information into a student’s head in such a way that the student remembers the subject and can apply it in the future
– someone that the students like

I had teachers that exhibited some of these qualities and many more besides but I don’t believe I had any teachers that exhibited all of them. As a consequence and because of the dimming of memory with the passage of time, I can’t name a single best teacher.

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