I’m a Kindle nut, no doubt about it. I love the convenience and the portability. I use both the kindle app on the iPhone and have used a kindle eReader since the beginning. I currently have and always carry a kindle 3G touch. I could have purchased a cheaper version but I have come to rely on the 3G feature.

Just today I went through and cleaned up my profile on I made all of the books and notes public. I started to remove a few books but stopped after the first. Decided there was no point. I’ve read what i’ve read. No reason to tweak history.

I started out this blog with the related twitter account linked to my kindle feed. Then at some point, I delinked them and erased a bunch of the twitter posts. I now regret that decision and have set the links back up and after some frustration successfully tested it. I’ve also set the link to update twitter when I change book statuses. I’ll probably forget to update the book statuses except for every once in awhile.

I think that it is a neat feature that besides just looking at the recent activity you can also look at all of the highlights. The site is rather clunky but that’s okay with me.

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