Who Knows What?

You present different versions of yourself to different groups of people. Another one of those concepts that I was taught in psych 101 in college. I didn’t understand it then and I don’t necessarily now but I believe it. I observe it in action in other people and myself. I find it alternatively fascinating and aggravating.

@plinkyprompts: What geeky or unusual hobby do you have that coworkers do not know about? http://t.co/mHMoZf7r

I truly try not to reveal all of me at my workplace. First because I’m there to work not to socialize. Second because I believe I want to emphasize those parts of me that enhance my career prospects and downplay those parts of me that could detract from my career (now or on the future). I could go on but my point is that there is probably a lot about me that my coworkers do not know. In a similar fashion my personal friends and family might be surprised by who I am in the work environment.

That being said, my coworkers wouldn’t know about my attempts to write (online or off). They wouldn’t know that at one point I was on track to be a well read tech blogger but decided to leave that bubble for awhile (staying anonymous as much as possible has its advantages). They would be astonished that I was into twitter when twitter was still an infant. I don’t think they know about my kindle addiction or my photographic journeys. They might be astonished that I even have a geeky side.

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