My life has been filled with the little adventures that those of us who live rurally experience. The details of which I would like to start sharing. Occasionally I even have photographic proof.

Today I was fortunate to observe a White stork on a family stock tank (aka farm pond).

Then a little later had a magical little encounter with a mouse. One of those rare occurrences that the ending of the story ends with the mouse alive.

Evidently this particular mouse enjoys horse food. If you’ve never stuck your hand down into a horse feed bin and felt something moving you just don’t know what you’ve missed. I captured a picture of this cute little creature which I will place at the end of this post. What I didn’t capture was the funny sight of it scrambling as we tilted the feed bin so that it could escape. With my luck, once it jumped for freedom, it jumped my way. I did a high split jump as it ran under me to freedom.


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