Road Trip – Day 1 Recap

We weren’t planning to hit the road until today but antsy feet had us hitting the road late yesterday.

We spent no more than four hours on the road (all in familiar territory) before deciding to stop for the night. We found a nice motel and settled in before dark.

Since we were in familiar territory there were no real surprises. We encountered some road construction but not much, a few instances of road kill, and much heavier traffic than expected.

The motel we found came with the expected apparent cleanliness, small fridge, microwave, television, wall air conditioner, beige walls, and easily forgettable artwork prints.

Today will be a much longer driving day as we move into less familiar territory. Depending upon how far we get we will likely still be on roads that I’ve been over at least once.

The magic of this kind of trip is the potential for discovery. No minute by minute itinerary to be worried over. Just general plans with flexibility built right in. It is a kind of escape from everyday worries, work, home responsibilities and at least the potential for relatively safe adventure.

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