Road Trip – Day 2 Recap

Today was a long day with the majority of it spent traveling.

We started off the morning at a small town food establishment for breakfast. We’ve ate there before and loved the food but this was our first and probably last early morning visit. My oatmeal and eggs were ok but then they are hard to ruin. The tea was colored water and gross. The hash browns were gross. The taste of the oil that the hash browns were cooked in seemed odd. The biscuits were crumbly and not fit for sopping.

Lunch was made from ingredients we had brought with us eaten at a park in a fairly large city. It was a fairly nice interlude.

Dinner was at an extremely busy Olive Garden. By the time the entree was brought I was tempted to just have them pack it up for me to go.

Stops were made in between of course to stretch out our legs.

The themes of the day included hay, trains, and animal lookout. We saw antelope, horses, cattle, and birds of various kinds.

The hotel we found for the night isn’t quite as nice as last night’s. It does not have a microwave nor a fridge but then we didn’t use either of those last night anyway.

Tomorrow will be another long day of driving but i’m truly looking forward to it. I’ll be seeing countryside i’ve never seen before.

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