Squirrel (aka rabbit trail)

Last night while reading TechCrunch on my Kindle I ran across an article about Citelighter and just like that I was off chasing down a rabbit trail as if I was a terrier chasing a squirrel.

I spent all kind of time last night and this morning researching Citelighter, Questia, Zotera, and Mendeley. I was fascinated because just like someone living under a rock I didn’t know that this kind of software existed. (The citations are formatted for you! Wow!)

I loved the functionality described by all except for I would really need truly integrated functionality with my iPhone which none of these appear to have. The closest to come to my desired functionality currently seems to be Questia.

But then I had to stop myself and make myself think things through. When was the last time I actually wrote a research paper? Years ago. What purpose would I have for writing one now? Uh. Publishing to my blog. So I have time to devote to such a project? Not really. Would I stick with it? Most likely not. Ok then. Maybe I should hold out until better software becomes available and all the other factors also line up.

Good. Glad that’s decided. (whine. But I still want it. Whine.)

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