Viewpoint Fallacies

Traveling tends to enhance one’s perspective. At least it does mine. It’s easy when you stay in familiar surroundings to forget that the rest of the world doesn’t mirror those surroundings.

The further away from the familiar that you travel the more that you are reminded how different the world can be from your norm. I am speaking here specifically of nature, landmarks, weather, and also of economic behavior such as traffic patterns, types of businesses and product availability.

(I couldn’t find decent tea this morning which created all kinda of drama. More about my tea addiction another time.)

There are profound changes as you travel from one place to another within our country. These changes occur over relatively short distances. Within just a few short hours you travel from densely populated areas where surface water and trees are abundant to sparsely populated semi-arid regions where you can see for miles. Areas where you point out windmills and animals to traveling companions as points of excitement. When you live in an area where you can see to the horizon and back is your viewpoint different than someone who’s view is blocked within 50 feet? I’m sure if it.

There has been much cultural cross-by pollenization by television and corporate franchises. Perhaps we are more mobile and more similar than ever before but how many of us fall into the fallacy of thinking that other Americans think like we do, believe what we believe, and live the way we do simply because we haven’t traveled out of our familiar circles? We all live in our own self made echo chambers partially by choice but largely by chance. It would do us all good to take a vacation every once in awhile physically, mentally, and culturally.

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