Road Trip – Day 3 & 4 Recap

I didn’t do a recap of day 3 largely because I had already done a stream of conscious posting which told the story of the day. I was also so tired that I just didn’t have the energy.

Today (day 4) was all about visiting our destination – a major tourist draw and a place that every American should visit at least once in their life. I had assumed that it would be less crowded because of the time of year. I was likely correct because there were no school age kids around. It was still plenty crowded. There were a lot of visitors speaking in languages other than English – mostly Europeans I believe.

I am sunburned and tired but content with today’s events. We were lucky to find a hotel room afterwards. The first hotel we tried to check into was already full and they knew that the other major hotel in town was already full. So, we stopped at the third and only remaining hotel and grabbed the last remaining room. Good thing because the next possible hotel would have been another hours drive.

Tomorrow will be another travel day but we haven’t yet decided the exact route. We got the latest start yet today and I am laying odds that tomorrow will be even later. I’m tired.

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