Road Trip – Day 5 Recap

I can’t believe how fast this vacation is slipping by. I want to just stop time and luxuriate in the present but time is too wily to allow me my preferences.

Today was a long day, the majority of it spent traveling. After the disastrous breakfast (see previous Oatmeal post), we traveled the back roads for several hours. It was a good thing we had a full tank of gas and snacks on board because there were no places for several hours traveling time to stop for either.

We stopped for lunch at a Golden Corral which happened to be one we ate at when we were driving the other direction. We knew what to expect and we were not disappointed.

After lunch we undertook several hours of hard interstate driving. We did of course make several stops including those where I was caught in the tourist traps.

After we decided to stop for the night, we easily found a very nice hotel. It is luxurious compared to the one we stayed in last night. We then hunted for a place to eat supper. We usually like to find local non-chain restaurants with the rule of thumb being if the parking lot is full it must be a good place to eat. We should have followed our own rule better. The place we found was local and wasn’t crowded but the service was slow, the food overpriced and of so-so quality.

The themes for today were lack of cell phone reception, road construction, and indecisive navigation.

We have tentative plans for tomorrow which may include both a destination and driving. We are getting closer to home so like today there will be both roads that I am familiar with and roads that I am not.

Let the adventure continue!

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