Road Trip – Day 6 Recap

This morning we wanted to get on the road so we grabbed food from the hotel’s complimentary assortment and ate on the road. We expect to do the same thing tomorrow morning unless we change our minds. Most of the morning was spent in interstate travel including crossing back over into my home state. Interstate travel can be entertaining if you pay attention to the truck traffic and the billboards.

At lunchtime we lucked into this great little restaurant that had awesome food and good ambiance. After lunch we spent about three hours at a destination stop taking lots of pictures and generally enjoying the scenery.

Then we hit the road again. This time we were primarily on back country roads where towns were few and far between and there was no traffic. We make a point to go out of our way just to get a chance to see countryside that we have never seen before. The entertainment during this leg of the journey was the few roadside signs (watch for wild hogs, really?), paying attention to what kinds of animals were in adjoining pastures, (horses and cattle) and spotting man made structures.

As soon as we arrived in a town big enough to contain hotels and eating establishments we found a nice hotel and walked over to the local steak house. The food was nothing to write home about but wasn’t horrible either.

Now we have called it a night to rest for the final leg of our journey tomorrow.

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