Wide Open Road

Burnt out ruins
Crow or raven
Dead deer on the road
Entering always exits everywhere
Fire danger
Golden flowers
Historical becomes advertisement appeal
Interstate culture
Interrupted word association

Falling rock
Dangerous crosswinds
lonesome wind turbine
Mechanic Hand signals
haze or smog?
Who owns the land? Are they good caretakers?
Data usage notification. That’s bad right?
Muddy water where there is water.
Laws change state to state do do road conditions
Swerving trucker in the yellow canst need rest
Small ducks on a freshwater pond
Cows and windmills increasing on numbers, seemingly
Trucker peeing by dumpster
Time change sort of – one cell phone attests to the fact. One cell phone doesn’t.
Once in home state feels like being home even when still over nine hours away from home. It’s a big state.
Truckers own the interstate. The test of us just visit. They ate the backbone of our economy.
Free never is free
Bicyclers with escorts. Retirement age? Fundraising?
3G bliss
Stopping for lunch then destination.

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