Miles to Go

Today will be our last travel day. We have several hours of driving ahead of us before we arrive home.

No joke, we are filling up at a gas station. At the next pump is a small orange tractor with a shredder attached to the back. This elder man in a red baseball cap filled the tractor up with gas, started the tractor up, and then drove off. Only in a small town will you see such sights.

Read the fine print.
Bridges draw the eye, what’s beneath?
When in farming country, discussion ensues: what type of crop? Stage of growth?
Why is it that so many small communities have empty lonely buildings? Cultural change? Population shifts?
I hate it when drivers pull over in front of us with less than a car length distance between. Most especially when there is little to no other traffic.
Sunday driving flavored differently
Impossible to drive without killing bugs
Bird flocks dancing, starlings?
Prosperity has many forms

Near dry wash
Buzzards circling
Buzzards clawing road kill
Stupid buzzards takeoff with poor timing
Slamming breaks swerving to near miss
Heart pounding proceeding with thanks

Grasshopper hitched a ride, price to pay for picnic area visit

Orange door stands out

Hunting lunch
Still hunting lunch
Lunch finally found in a cotton patch after a lengthy wait

Lunch was awesome. Now back on the road.

Passed another wide load that as could not figure out what it was.

Found a great radio station. Sure to be out of range too soon.

Love oggling large old homes as we drive by in small communities.

Met Oversized load with police escort. We had to pull off the road and stop to wait for them to pass. They also had a power company raising electric lines ahead of them. Because we’re in a rural area they only had 36 cars backed up behind them but I would have hated to be one of them. We couldn’t tell what it was. Best guess was something to be installed in some sort of manufacturing plant

Wide spots in the road (aka blink and you’ll miss them towns) must have stories of their own to tell.

Green grass
Tarps hide things

One theme this trip has been spotting locations where new power transmission towers are being installed. We’ve spotted literally dozens.

Back into familiar and well travelled territory. Getting closer to home by the minute.

Comparing Gas prices from beginning of trip to end.

Why is it that bad red light luck is a recurring problem?
I’ve being able to drive faster on roads with increased speed limits

Seeing advertising billboards for my home town. Funny. I wouldn’t necessarily patronize those companies. But we did patronize establishments in areas we were unfamiliar with based on billboards that we had seen. Advertising messes with your head.

Funny how when local landmarks change we continue to associate the location with our memories and not necessarily with current reality.

most common road debris based on this week’s travels? shredded tires, road kill, cardboard – in that order

Home sweet home. Food to be back.

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