Road Trip – Day 7 Recap

This morning we wanted to get on the road so we grabbed food from the hotel’s complimentary assortment and ate on the road. Actually, I grabbed some hot tea and ate stuff we had with us. I didn’t think I could stomach cold hotel breakfast bar hard Boiled eggs again this morning.

We spent the day traveling consistently towards home with few stops. Not that there very many places to stop. We travelled all morning on unfamiliar back country roads.

We thought we never would find a place to stop for lunch. We travelled through at least three small towns before finally finding somewhere to eat. We were extremely hungry and tired by then so anything would have tasted good. Even so, I must say that lunch was delicious.

Then we hit the road again and only stopped one more time (for gas) before arriving home.

I must say that I truly enjoyed this road trip, even as short as it was, and would love to do it again sometime soon.

Thankfully, I have a few more days left in my vacation before being expected back at work. So, I have time to rest, take care of some chores and errands, and possibly have some more adventure.

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