The Internet is A Jungle

I fell down another rabbit hole yesterday, figuratively speaking. As previously stated, I love my Kindle. Over the last several weeks I have been sampling multiple newspapers, magazines, and blogs. I like having these features on my Kindle. However, I cannot financially maintain the volume of items that I was sampling. So, I went looking for solutions.

Imagine my enthusiasm and excitement when I discovered Instapaper. Also imagine my exasperation with myself when I realized that I am way behind the bell curve on the Instapaper bandwagon.

Anyway, it took me a while to figure out that Instapaper doesn’t work well with feeds which led me to the discovery of Kindlefeeder. I actually like the formatting of Kindlefeeder on the Kindle better than Instapaper. As it turns out, I discovered that I like both apps for continued use; they fill slightly different niches.

I installed the Instapaper booklets on both my computer and my IPhone so that I can send information that I want to read later to my Kindle. So far, the majority of these have come from twitter alerts (yes I still receive these by SMS).

In the mean time I loaded several rss feeds to Kindlefeeder including all of the ones that I had subscribed to through Kindle itself.

So Amazon will lose out on some periodical and blog revenue from me but they are likely to make up for it in personal document fee revenue. I decided that I wanted to leave both Instapaper and Kindlefeeder syncing over 3G for convenience and timeliness. The only downside that I have discovered so far is that when I share a note which is sent to twitter on my behalf, the actual blog is not cited. I suppose I can give valuable characters up to via statements. Another partial downside is that many rss feeds so not share the entire posts. There are ways around partial feeds of course but I don’t want to go to that much extra work right now.

So of course, I’ve ate up big chunks of my last remaining vacation hours on this little rabbit trail. A big part of the involved time has been due to the effort to look for quality content. I gave up my GoogleReader habit a couple of years ago and stopped keeping tabs on a lot of the content that I once monitored. I have discovered that finding quality content has become much harder than the last time I became interested in rss feeds. It’s worse than trying to walk through a dense jungle without a pre-built path.

Any suggestions for good quality rss feeds? I’m primarily interested in well written personal blogs, commentary blogs, and intelligently written posts – any pg topic.

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