Story Cube

Having some time to kill this afternoon, I went to a Barnes & Noble Bookstore to browse and walk around. I actually carried my Amazon Kindle in with me and listened to my KindleFeeder feed using the text-to-speech feature as I shopped. Unlike most of the critiques that I have read, I love this feature.

I came across a couple of products that I almost bought but limited myself to just the Rory’s Story Cubes. I knew that I already had something similar at home but I don’t think it’s from the same company.

After I left the store I researched online to see if there are other similar products out there. I found that there are two extension products and I came really close to purchasing these on impulse. I some how made myself abstain. Funnily enough the exact same product I bought at the brick and mortar store is available in the apple app store. Wouldn’t you know, there is an app for that?

Anyway, I am prepared to begin using this as another creative writing tool. I am posting a picture from the app below but will hold off on the creative writing bit for now.


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