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People Watching

@plinkyprompts: Do you eavesdrop on people in public places? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what one person might call eavesdropping another would call people watching. I think I’ve talked about this before on this blog. … Continue reading

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I recently discovered a new to me website called It has succeeded in inducing me to write more in the past few days every day than I have in a very long time. It works mysteriously. I like it … Continue reading

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Road Trip Segment Two

Looking for a place to eat. Why is this always problematic? Pink pig on the roof? You see the craziest things out on the open road. Burning brush pile containing full size dead trees.

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Road Trip Segment One

I have a deadline to be somewhere so I started early giving myself plenty of extra time. Since I had so much extra time I decided to play some Munzee forgetting how much time doing do eats up. Now I … Continue reading

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Everything Changes

If you aren’t comfortable with change, how do you cope? Tough. Find away because nothing stays the same, static. Color fades even as weeds grow. The world changes. Focus. There is no going back only. Only echoes of memory. Being … Continue reading

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@plinkyprompts: Reality TV: Trash or Treasure? I think that most so called reality tv is absolute trash and is the worst thing to happen to television entertainment in recent memory. I didn’t have a problem with the first few … Continue reading

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