People Watching

@plinkyprompts: Do you eavesdrop on people in public places?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what one person might call eavesdropping another would call people watching. I think I’ve talked about this before on this blog. I haven’t made a practice of people watching (eavesdropping) because I usually have my nose buried in a book, iPhone, Kindle, or some other reading material.

The word eavesdrop has a negative connotation where as People Watching has a more positive connotation but they are essentially the same thing. For the most part, people have such a lack of awareness of their surroundings that they say and do things in public that in an earlier gentler time would not have even been condoned in the privacy of ones own home. I think that if you are in public when you have discussion you are automatically giving up your privacy rights and should expect that you could be eavesdropped upon – just my opinion, I do not know the fine parts of the law. I’m sure that recording someone while eavesdropping on them would be a no-no and I wouldn’t ordinarily do so.

As someone who is trying to improve my creative endeavors, I realize that it has been time-honored practice for writers to gain inspiration from the public (and private for that matter) activities of others. If anything then, I need to do more public eavesdropping!

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