Daily Stream

When you have something to say that interests no one, say it anyway. Foggy morning. Sometimes a body just needs warm food. What legacy, if no legacy? What bread crumbs have been left? Am I whom I want to be? In this instance? In the next? Live day by day, moment by moment. Repeatedly overextending myself. Repeatedly shifting my focus. Hyper focusing to no result. 1Q84. One reality. There is no way back. Belief. Confluence of events. Reflections. Rediscovering what I’ve written / created. Why does the grass seem greener elsewhere – always elsewhere? I don’t know if I’m coming or going. Out of chaos, a plan forms. Escaping. Fasten seat belts. 2nd window. Useless cables. Progressive graffiti. J. L. Cruz photography? Transcraft. Yellow cone. What has changed and how? Blue bluff. Don’t panic. The sun falls. The orange swirls flirting with yellow rimmed clouds.

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