Totally bright against the dream

Sleepless, I found a Poetry Generator online and generated the poem quoted below.

I then attempted to tweet it and of course it over ran. I tried to go back asleep. Still sleepless, I began to think. Is this my poem? It was generated, yes. I liked it and chose to keep it. I’ve been doing a lot of this kind of thing lately. Even assuming that no one else had independently created or generated this exact combination of words, can they be considered mine? What if I changed one word or a few words? What is the difference between this and snapping a photo of a common scene that many others also snap? I consider that photo mine, why not these words? I’m not talking legal sense here or societal viewpoint. What is my viewpoint? Feel conflicted. Like something is itching right under my skin and I can’t quite get at it.

Totally bright against the dream

All big behind the fire
We beat mammoth leeches under the vapors
Awaken, awaken! The end was hard
Strangely colorful before the mist
I battle colorful eruptions about the spirits
Be aware! The devil will die
Totally bright against the dream
We shove murky teeth within the grave
We Reach! The stink has died
backlit altered
across the water
a ticking clock
For how long
my father
leave his home

remembering old times

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