Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

There are splurges then there are splurges. I already have one Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard which I have not used in quite a while. Then I wandered away from home without it. So of course I absolutely had to have one. I hunted all over town. Well not quite all over. I’ve just looked in 3 separate stores across 2 separate trips. Sigh.

So, I just found one. It was even in a discount area of the store but it was not priced. As I walk up to the check out stand, I think to my self…. $10 or less…. then I give myself more lee-way…. $30 or less…. any more and I won’t get it. Gulp…. Is that what I paid for my first one? Really? ok then…..

Here I sit typing… on my brand new Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and my iPhone screen. Who needs to lug their laptop computer around with this combination?

Note to self….. it was only worth the money spent on it if you continue to use it!

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