Cole Younger

I am a noted high way man
Cole Younger is my name
Tis many a depredation
Thats brought our name to
Tis the robbing of the North
Field Bank a thing I’ll never
deny. For we shall be poor
prisoners until the day
we die.

We started to old Texas
That dear old lone star state
On the prairies of Nebraska
the James Boys we did meet,
On the prairie of Nebraska
We all set down to play a
game of good old poker to
pass the time away.

While we were playing poker
The passenger we did spy and
Bob says we’ll rob her as she
goes rolling by.
The Engineer and conductor
were killed the fire man escaped
a live, Their bodies now lies
a sleeping beneath the Nebraska skies.

We saddled us our horses
north west ward we did go. To the
god forsaken country called
I had my eyes on the North
Field Bank, when brother Bob,
did say Cole if you under take
that job you’ll always curse
the day.

We stationed out our pickets
up to the Bank we did go.
Twas – there upon the counter
We knelt our fatal blow.
Saying hand us out you’r money
old boys make us no further
delay we are the noted
Younger Boys and have no time for play.

The cashier being as true as
steel refused the noted band
Twas Jessie James who pulled
the trigger and killed the
noble man
Joe Cadwell standing at his
post Dock Wheeler drew his
gun. Poor Joe fell prostrated
on the floor and cried Oh!
God I’m done Dock Wheeler
turned and drew his gun
just as we turned to see Poor
Charlie then fall down his
horse in great agony.

We fled for life for death was
near four hundred on our trail
We soon were over taken and
landed safe in jail.
Now we are in the North Field
jail a wearing our lives away
Two James Boys left to tell the
tale of the sad and fatal day.

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