Prisoner At The Bar

The Judge was there the Jury too,
And people from afar.
A fair young lad of tender youth
Was prisoner at the bar.
The great court room was crowded
with, An eager anxious throng.
And many hearts were aching for
The boy accused of wrong.

A maiden fair with golden hair,
Swept swiftly through the crowd.
The people were in wonder, But
spoke not a word aloud.
Then stepping to the judges stand,
One moment did she pause
And smiling through her tears
she said, Judge let me plead the cause

Oh Judge your mind must wonder
back, To those long years gone by
And see your sweetheart and yourself,
Just like this lad and I.
Remember Judge you once was a boy.
Just like this fair young lad.
If you convict him of this charge,
You’ll drive him to the bad.

Next Sunday is our wedding day,
The wondrous dreams of life.
When at this alter he will make,
Me his darling loving wife.
If you have children of your own
Have mercy I so pray
Remember Judge you’ll break my
heart, If you send him away.

The Judge rose softly from his seat,
The court was still as death.
The tears were streaming down
his cheeks. He spoke with fluttering breath.
I have a little girl at home, with
just such baby eyes.
The seeds of mercy scattered with,
a Flourish in the skies.

The Jury did not leave his box
For they had quick agreed.
The foreman briefly signed a note,
And gave the clerk to read.
And quietly were the only words,
The maiden heard them say.
Her lover clasped her in his
arms, Love always find a way.

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