Walking in the Shoes of My Grandmother

Since i started the “Walking in the Shoes” endeavor, I’ve been thinking about my Grandmother. She passed away in the late sixties and I never knew her except through stories (few and far between), pictures (few and far between), and her things (few and far between). One of her things that made it’s way to me a little over twenty years ago circuitously via my aunt, her daughter, was a keepsake box. Within that box were clippings, mostly apparently from Grandmother’s girlhood of poems from what appear to be various newspapers. Once long ago, I went through these and retyped many into a now lost blog. I’ve now decided to do this again with the aim of thinking about my Grandmother and why she liked and kept theses particular clippings. I will probably do this fairly rapidly so that I can limit the time these artifacts are kept out and away from their carefully stored home.

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