I May Be Gone For a Long, Long Time

Good-bye, dear, I’m leaving you today.
Don’t cry, dear, just dry those tears away;
Duty calls, and I must obey.
But I’ll always hope and pray,
While I’m sailing for across the sea.
Will you always think of me?

I may be gone for a long, long time,
Long, long time, long, long time;
But when I go you will kow that I always pine
For the day when you’ll be mine.
Be true to me for a long, long time,
Rain or shine, sweetheart mine!
And I’ll be just as true to you as to the Red, White and Blue.
Though I’m gone for a long, long time.

Some day, dear, when I come back to you,
we will build a little home for two;
then we’ll settle down, dear, for life,
Far away from care and strife.
Cheer up, dear, and when I’m far away,
Don’t forget to write each day.

– MARY LEA STOREY, Route 6, Box 9,
Henderson, Texas

From the Reverse side of the clipping:

If I Had Not Taken Rich-Tone.
-Says N. P. Stevens.

“This truly wonderful tonic has done
me more good than all the doctors’
treatments and I have been under the
care of several eminent physicians. I
am truly grateful for the benefit I have
received from taking Rich-Tone and
recommend it to all people who are
physically weak and run down.”

and gain new energy.

Rich-Tone makes more red corpuscles,
enriching and purifying the blood. It
contains all of the elements that are
needed most in maintaining strength
and vigor. Rich-Tone rests the tired
nerves, restores appetite, induces
healthful sleep – it gives you all those things
which mean energy and well-being. Get
a bottle today – only $1.00 at all drug

Sherman, Texas

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