Million Miles From Nowhere

Did you ever feel sad and blue,
Longing for those who long for you?
Wanderers never find rest
Away from the ones they love best.

Chorus –
You are a million miles from nowhere
When you are one little mile from home.
It’s the song of mother’s tears
That keeps singing in your ears.
You just leave the gates of heaven,
When you leave mother’s arms to roam;
You’r a million miles from nowhere
When you are one little mile from home.

At the end of each lonely lane,
There’s a mother who waits in vain.
When every day closes, too,
Her arms will be open for you.

All letters and cards will be appreciated.
Will try to answer all. Good luck
to The Farm News and readers – CLARA
BELL, WILLIAMS, Box 243, Sinton, Texas.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:


Giving his name as A. Wells and claiming
to be from Wellington, Ky.;
Chattanooga, Tenn., and other places, a man
shot early Thursday morning by Policeman
W. A. Herrin was hurried to the
Emergency Hospital in a serious condition.
The police assert they believe he
has been connected with numerous hold-ups
in Dallas recently.

The wounded man, whose right shoulder
was penetrated by a bullet from the
policeman’s revolver, was found standing
behind a tree on Cadiz street, Policeman
Herrin said. He grabbed the man,
searched him and declared he had found a
small nickel-plated revolver similar to
one used Tuesday night by the man
answering Wells’ description who held up
a store on Beaumont street.

While waiting for the patrol, Herrin
says his prisoner broke away and ran.
He then shot at him and knocked him to …

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