More Riddles

Opal Lee Coomer, Marlow, Ok., sends
in these riddles: 1. Wy can a fly see
under water? 2. What is the hardest
key to turn? 3. It goes up and down
and never touches the sky or the groud.

Jessie May Terry, Roosevelt, Ok., sent
in the following: 1. What is it that’s
licked and set in a corner? 2. Blackmon
black and blackmon brown; three
legs up and six legs down. Who can
guess the answers?

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:

Triplets Born Near Paris.

Paris, Texas, April 29. – The wife of
Louis Brannon, a tenant farmer near
Roxton, gave birth to triplets, all boys,
Sunday. They weighed four, five, and six
pounds at birth, and are all well developed
and healthy. They received numerous
presents and were named by the
parents for the first three who presented
them with gifts.

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