Nobody’s Darling on Earth

Out in the cold world alone,
Wandering about in the street,
Asking a penny for bread.
Begging for something to eat;
Merciless winds chill my heart,
Sitting on poverty’s knee –
I am nobody’s darling on earth,
Nobody cares for me.

Nobody’s darling on earth,
Heaven will merciful be,
Here I am, nobody’d darling,
Nobody cares for me.

No one to kiss me good-night,
No one to put me in bed,
Up in the attic so high,
Weeping alone for the dead.
Parentless and poor,
Nothing but sorrow I see,
For I am nobody’s darling on earth.
No one cares for me.

Often at night when I kneel,
Lifting my sorrowful eyes,
Asking my mother to smile
Down on her child from the skies,
Then I forget all my grief,
Mother in heaven I see;
There I am somebody’s darling,
For, “somebody” cares for me.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:

… the post on top of Government …
hove into view she was a sight for sore eyes.
That night I ‘tended to my mules, went
through the regular routine of work,
crawled into my bunk and fell asleep,
thoroughly satisfied that I had seen all of
the Indians necessary for my happiness
for all time to come. I stayed steady on
the job at the Post for nine years, then
the trail fever got under my skin and I
felt like if I didn’t take a herd to Kansas
life wouldn’t be worth a damn. It was no
trouble at all to get a chance at it, for
hands were in demand and I hired to
Smith & Elliot for a drive to Abilene,
Kan. Major Smith, senior member of the
firm had just been given the contract to
build the first shipping corrals ever built
to hold trail cattle by the railroad and he
hurried on to them started. I will
never forget that trail drive. Pat McClosky,
uncle of our present Congressman,
Agustus McClosky, Billy Krempkau, who
organized the Pioneer Freighters’ Association,
of which he was made life secretary
and treasurer, and myself are the
only ones now living who made the trip.
Billy and I slept under the same blankets …

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