Somewhere on God’s Front Line

The time when we’ll be homeward bound
Is not so far away.
The lights of home grow nearer
With the closing of each day.
We’ll soon be back in Dixie –
That wonderful sunny clime.
But a few of the boys aren’t going home –
They’re somewhere up the line.

There was not a good-bye said,
Not even a shake of the hand,
But they gave a smile that was well worth while
As they went into “No man’s Land.”
That was the last we saw of them.
They were marching toward the Rhine.
That was where God took them –
Somewhere out on the line.

When we muster out, we’ll miss them –
Miss the call of their name.
But their hearts will fill with a wonderful pride
And never a tinge of shame,
And when we hear the national anthem for the final time
We’ll wonder if they can hear it, too –
Somewhere up the line.

Somewhere a gray-haired mother
Will sit in the twilight alone,
Sadly and patiently waiting for a boy
Who will never again come home.
But the little gold star in the window
Will make her smile instead of pine.
What a gift she gave to her country –
Her boy, somewhere on the line!

And so, in journeying back again,
O’er the ocean foam,
Let’s leave a place in our hearts and thoughts
For the boys who can’t come home.
And some day across the great divide,
We’ll go with the passing of time,
And again we’ll meet with those comrades in arms –
Somewhere in God’s front line.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:

Waco, Texas, July 9. – Examining
trials for O. D. Reed, George Jackson,
Bowden Hays Jr. and William
L. Edmond, charged with the offense
of whitecapping, have been
set for next Wednesday morning in
Justice J. R. Jenkins court.

The complaints follow the seizure
on the public square here yesterday
afternoon and the subsequent tarring
and feathering a few miles
north of Waco of Kennedy Cummings,
a white man, 24 years old.
In the County Court complaints have
been filed against Hays, Reed and
Edmond, charging them with carrying
pistols. The defendants made
bond soon after their arrest, late

Early this afternoon County Attorney
Frank B. Tirey said that he
would not ask for the reconvening
of the grand jury to investigate the
occurrence yesterday. The next
regular session of the McLennan
County grand jury will begin the
first Monday in September.

Cummings Leaves.

Cummings told a representative of
The News this afternoon that he
and his wife left town last night,
that they came back today and
intended to leave again tonight.

“I had intended to leave town anyway,
regardless of what occurred yesterday,”
Cummings said.

Some time ago Cummings received
notes signed “Ku Klux Klan,” warning
him to leave Waco, and recently
an effort was made by several
masked men to take him from his …

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