“That’s The Time!” All in Rhyme

Every Tuesday I just rear and rage
Till I read a few letters on Our Young People’s Page.
My daddy thinks The Farm News is great,
For it gives him the news from every State.
Some years are dry and we have sorry luck,
But The Farm news fill us with vim, pep and pluck.
Believe me, dear people, we’d all have the blues
Were it not for our friend, Semi-Weekly Farm News.
I live out in Swisher, Tulia’s the country seat,
Where we raise maize and kafir and lots of fine wheat.
Our hogs, bronks and cattle are all of fine size;
At the Dallas State Fair they all take the prize.
I’ve seen several States, some near and some far,
But none can compare with our own proud Lone Star!
I am 6 feet from sole to the top of my bean,
Hair dark as a raven, age only 18.

I ask all to write, not one of you barred.
If you can’t write a letter, please drop me a card.
– JAMES F. VANNERSON, Box 552, Tulia, Texas

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