The Drunkard’s Child

Out in the stormy world sadly I roam,
I have no mother, no pleasant home;
All the day long I’ve been begging for bread,
Father’s a drunkard and mother is dead.

Mother, oh, why did you leave me alone?
I have no mother, no pleasant home,
Dark is the night and the storm’s raging wild,
God pity Bessie, the poor drunkard’s child.

Barefooted, weary and hungry,
All day asking for work,
I am too young, they say,
On the damp ground I must now lay my head,

Father’s a drunkard and mother is dead.
We were so happy till father drank rum,
Then all our trials and troubles begun,
Mother grew pale and she wept every day,
Baby and I were too hungry to play.
If the good temperance men only could find,
Poor, wretched father and talk very kind,
If they could stop him from drinking,
Why, then, I should be happy, so happy again.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:

… increases over last season of 1,469,954 and a
decrease under the same period year before last
of 821,361.

Stocks at the seaboard and the 29 leading
southern interior markets June 30 were 309,357
bales, against 403,297 the same date last year
and 549,784 the year before.

Including port and interior town stocks left
over from the previous season and the number
of bales of the current crop brought into sight
during the 10 months, the supply has been
11,706,522 bales, against 10,894,860 last year
and 13,684,160 the year before.

Up to June 30 last year, 95,60 per cent of the
cotton crop had been marketed. and for the
same 10 months in 1909 the percentage of the
crop brought into sight was 96.58, and for the
same time in 1908 the percentage marketed was

The amount brought into sight during the past
week has been 21,707 bales, against 38,594 for
the seven days ending June 30 last year. 56,989
year before last and 98,237 same time in 1908.

Cotton Seed Products

NEW YORK, July 1. – The cotton seed oil
market was quiet and about steady this
morning. Trade was quiet, with the feeling a little
against values of the crop, owing to the favorable
crop news – the reports of favorable
advancement of the cotton crop. …

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