The Grand Round-Up

Last night as I lay on the prairies,
Gazing up at the stars in the sky,
I wondered if ever a cowboy
Would drift to the sweet bye and bye.

Chorus –
Oh, they say there will be a grand round-up,
When the cowboys like cattle shall stand
To be roped by the riders in judgment
Who are posted and know every brand.

The way to the dark, mystic regions
Is narrow and dim, so they say,
But the road that leads down to perdition
Is broadest and blazed all the way.

I wonder if there will be many
Who will be at the great final sale,
Who might have been rich and had plenty
Had they known of that narrow trail?

I hope there will be some stray cowboy
Who’ll be claimed by someone that is nigh;
Who’ll be roped by the riders in judgment
And shipped to the sweet bye and bye.

Will ask for a card and letter party
any time. All send photos who can.
Will answer all. – BERTHA THELMA
STONE, Box 81, Lindsay, Ok.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:

… “What are you going to do
about the banks in the little country
town where the commission
merchant can not secure a cashier’s
check? Why should you discriminate
against the personal check in
this line of business when it is
acceptable in any other transaction.
You are simply going to force the
small commission merchants out of

Bill Finally Tabled.

In his fight on the amendment
he said it vitiated the bill. After
its adoption he asked for no
further action on the bill. Senatorial
courtesy was strained to the
breaking point when the members
refused to lay the bill on the table.
“This is a discourtesy.” – Senator
Dudley declared, “and it will be
remembered.” Whereupon the
Senate reconsidered its vote on his
motion and adopted it without a
dissenting voice, and the bill is on the
table subject to call.

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