There is No Disappointment in Heaven

There is no disappointment in heaven,
No weariness, sorrow or pain,
No hearts that are bleeding or broken,
No song with a minor refrain.
The block with a heart reap horizon
Will never appear in the sky,
But only will be sunshine and gladness,
With never a sorrow or sigh.

I’m bound for that beautiful city
My Lord has prepared for his own,
Where all the redeemed of all ages
Sing glory around the white throne.
Sometimes I grow homesick for heaven,
And the glory of sadness shall behold;
What a joy that will be when my Savior
I see in that beautiful city of gold.

Sent in by FAYE TALLEY. I am a farm girl. My age is between 16 and 19. I want all the boys and girls to write me. I will answer all if possible – FAYE TALLEY, Sulphur Springs, Texas

From the Reverse side of the clipping:

… a local theater, where the Texas
Senator was revealed on the screen
talking to the audience about why the
buyer is as guilty as the bootlegger,
brought prolonged applause. If the
opposition expressed itself in any way, it
was not heard.

Washington recently has been brought
into public attention as a place of bootlegging
on a large scale, and was the
subject of considerable debate in the
Senate, where President Hoover was
called upon to enforce prohibition so
as to make Washington the model city
of the country.

The incident has made it increasingly
difficult to buy wet goods, according
to reliable authority. Prohibition
agents are stationed at the House
Office Building, where members of the
House have their offices, and who in …

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