Out in the gloomy night sadly I roam,
I’ve no mother, now, no friends and no home;
Nobody cares for me, no one would cry
Even if poor little Bessie should die.
Barefooted and tired, I wonder all day,
Asking for work, I am too small they say.
On the damp ground I must lay my head,
Father’s a drunkard and mother is dead.

Oh, mother, why did you leave me alone.
With no one left to love me, no friends and no home.
Dark is the night and the storm rages wild,
God pity Bessie, the drunkard’s lone child.

We were so happy till father drank rum,
Then all of our sorrows and trouble begun;
Mother grew paler and wept every day,
Bay and I were too hungry to play.


From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:

… and federal companies were quartered
well in places quite familiar to them.

The insurrectos, on the other hand,
Were scattered about the town without
exact knowledge of the whereabouts of
their comrades and though they occupied
a considerable territory, they
seemed to have little change of making
a concentrated attack on the federal

The insurrectos, however, exhibited
much strategy in effecting an entrance
to Juarez and many of their sympathizers
were inclined to believe they
would find a way to silence the field
guns as well as to destroy the federal
strongholds, possibly with a supply of
dynamite and win a victory.

It is reported that the fire which
threatened Juarez early today was
started by federals themselves in order
to prevent a rebel surprise on the jail
or the city hall.

The blaze that raged during the night
in Juarez, reducing whole blocks of
houses to ruins, was smoldering today
but the town was soon in the throes of
a fierce attack by the rebels. The latter
surrounded the outskirts of the
town with all the reserves they had and
a gradual advance up the main thor-…

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