Bluebell, the dawn is breaking,
Sweetheart, you must not sigh.
Bluebell, my heart is breaking,
I’ve come to say good-by.
Hear how the bugles calling,
Calling for each brave heart.
Sweetheart, your tears are falling,
Bluebell, we two must part.

Good-by, my Bluebell,
Farewell to you.
One last fond look
Into those eyes of blue.
‘Mid campfire’s gleaming,
‘Mid shot and shell,
I will be dreaming
Of my own bluebell.

Bluebell, they’re returning,
Each greets a sweetheart true.
Bluebell, your heart is yearning,
Ne’er a one greets you.
Sadly they tell the story,
Tell how he fought and fell.
No thought of fame and glory,
Only of his own Bluebell.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:


Brownsville, Texas, Sept. 28. – Pablo
Perez, alleged member of Mexican bandit
gangs whose depredations six years
ago brought thousands of American soldiers
to the Texas-Mexican border, today
was found guilty of murder by a
jury in District Court here and sentenced
to forty years in State prison. He was
arrested recently upon returning from
Mexico and was tried specifically with
the killing of Dr. E. S. McCain, Deputy
State Health Officer, who was shot when
bandits wrecked and robbed a passenger
train near here on Oct. 19, 1915.

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