Day Out

Just wanted to test the bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone as I ride as a passenger. It’s do-able and much more portable feeling than my laptop computer ever felt. It helps of course that I am a touch typist. This allows me to type without looking at my hands. I can look around at my surroundings while typing and only occasionally glancing at the iPhone. I had to find an appropriate place to prop the iPhone so that I could see it. I’m sure it will be a complete drag on my batteries but I think I will test this out today in one of my stream of consciousness type posts.

One thing that is very obvious to me already is that this would be useful for a vacation travelogue should I be the passenger and not the driver that is. Much more can be recorded than can be fingered into the iPhone input.

“Keep Austin Dipped” painted on the tailgate of a white dodge ram pickup truck. Wonder what they mean by that little saying. Skinny dipping? Tobacco dipping? Dogs dipped for the fleas?

What’s the price of gas? 3.059 at one place. 3.129 another.

Huh. I accidentally published the post when the iPone fell. Better than deleting I suppose.

A day out consisting of junktique shopping and other errands. Our first stop come and gone and I discovered that I could quickly transition between full blown typing and exiting the vehicle.

Junkktique and resale shops are funny. Sometimes they have stuff you are interested in but they are way overpriced . Other times everything is cheap but nothing catches your interest. We tend to stay away from the local tourist traps and the upscale places. They just don’t hold our interest. More than anything it is an opportunity to get out and spend quality family time.

These days always provide plenty of opportunity for people watching. Around a major holiday (like now) can be particularly interesting times to watch. People are often outside their normal routines and/or behavior. Some are hurrying others not. Some go out of their way to be nice while others are facing personal challenges that roughen their attitude.

Another station 3.059 and the last station in town is also 3.059. Rumble stripping and turning around,

Our tendency when junktiquing is to look but not buy unless we see something ultra special. We sometimes have different “collections” that we are buying for. One of mine is old books. The problem with collecting is having a proper place to store or display the collected items. Another problem is keeping track of what you have already purchased so that you don’t end up with unwanted duplicates. I’m deficient in both areas.

Back to the gas station. It appears 3.059 is the cheapest in town. Every bay is full with people waiting. Another good opportunity for people watching. What do people do while the gas is pumping. Do they keep their hand on the handle? Do they back up against their vehicle next to the handle? Do they watch the pump or look around? Are they in their own world or aware of their surroundings? Do they leave their windows down on their vehicle or not? Do they pay before pumping or at the pump? Does the auditory advertisement annoy them? What kind of vehicle are they filling up? How are they dressed? Do they pull something behind them? Are they filling up something besides a vehicle? What flavor do they prefer: Diesel, regular, premium? What accessories have they attached to their vehicle? What is in the vehicle or on the vehicle? Have they hidden it, covered it, secured it? Do they seem incongruous when comparing their appearance to that of their vehicle? When they go inside or up to the window what do they return with? If there is more than one person, how do they interact with one another? How long does it take them to pump their fuel? Was their vehicle thirsty or were they just topping off? If the pumps are full how do people make their decision – do they circle, do they halt away and watch?

Noticing differences between a normal everday Saturday and this Saturday which is a holiday Saturday being between Christmas and New Year’s. Traffic is heavy. Local construction appear halted – road, lot and building.

Deciding to eat somewhere outside our normal rotation. Always a risk.

Eating completed. I’d go back but it won’t be at the top of my local eating places list.

Thinking about the local holiday decoration. There doesn’t appear that there was any push by the local chambers of commerce to decorate their businesses. Perhaps because there is a centralized local display.

Errands mixed in with leisure. Stopping at the local feed store. The location and owners of the feed store have changed over the years but the primary guy who loads and unloads the vehicle hasn’t. I remember him from when I was knee high trailing my dad. In this topsy turvy world, I think we crave some signs of constancy. It’s nice to know that there are some places that you can go where there is the familiar. I don’t know this guy (other than his first name) but I could easily start a story based on the few facts that I do know. He must be dependable to have had basically the same job for the same people from the time he was a young man. He must provide good customer service for this has been my experience. He knows his customers and caters to their preferences. He must know his products. How could he not after so many years of selling them? I remember I guy that once worked with him who was the same sort of guy but the was the guy before him. The before-guy was slightly slow, or so my hazy memory reflects. My dad and I would drive out to the before-guy’s ranch to buy hay. In the end, it was the hay that ended the before-guy when a round bale rolled onto him.

The grass is golden brown, a winter golden brown, not a drought goldne brown.

Why does that semi have his hazards flashing. Driving slow. We passed and went on.

I remember this stretch of telephone poles. I would lay in the footwell beside the driver (my Mom) and when not asleep lookout the window at the fence poles playing time games in my mind. I knew we were approaching home by the sound and feel of the rumble of the car against my back, rump, and feet; by the sway of the car cornering and sounds of the blinker. Memory tugs oddly – there is a poem here somewhere.

In the in-betweens we watch for deer or cattle or any movement. I see no cattle. How do the owners hold on to their land? I wonder because I hope they do hold onto their land. Development creep is everywhere. Nostalgia sways me.

We are ever so nosy as we pass my uncle’s place, we look to see even though we know the view is blocked. We move on.

Trash accumulates along the road here and there where it catces against the odd bush or rock.

Into another town, past the in-between. Previous town was hopping commercially. This one is lakeside sleepy usually. How is your worldview different if you were raised in a lakeside house versus a city bound apartment versus a wilderness cabin? None describe my raising.

What is going on up there… Bunches of motorcycles and their riders bunched at a restaurant / slash convenience store. The characteristics of a stereotypical motor cycle rider is much different now a days when compared to many years past.

Lady walking under the railroad trestle. Blackpants Red Sweat shirt. Plaid scarf. Big bag crosswise from one shoulder to the other hip. Carrying coffee mug. What is her story? DId she run that resale shop that was 2/10 of mile down the road which just closed at 2?

There’s an art to spotting a good junktique store. Don’t want the place that just sales junk (rows of coffee cups – reallY?). Don’t the run the “Antique” shops that price stratospherically high. We’re like goldilocks looking for the “just right.”

What is beer corn?

Not good for the driver to be uncontrollably sneezing. Safely stopped. Noses blown. Moving again.

Gas 3.099 here.

Catching glimpses of the lake between houses. Another routine entertainment.

Deciding to head for home. Thinking about my overall takeaways regarding using the iPhone with the bluetooth keyboard. … I enjoyed it. I need to remember to do this kind of thing more often or get back into the practice of doing it. It’s cathartic for me. It also gets my creative juices flowing. This particular setup is extremely light weight and convenient. If I was to plan to do it for any true roadtrip or road vacation, I would need to make sure to have a charging cable for the iPhone and extra batteries for the keyboard.

The sun is bright . Spotted two speed boats and a sail boat out on the lake. Each of us finds our own diversions in our own times.

When you spend many years of your life in one locality, it seeps into you . I lookout and I see the familiar. When things change large or small, those changes pull at me. If you have past by a particular landmark a thousand times and one day it is different, shouldn’t that mean something to you?j

Ooops… One more stop before home.

Pot holes. Orange Cones. Orange Light Reflectors. Latter topped workman’s truck. Neighbors’ home improving building their mail box. Private property and careless drivers. Cars parked in yards – hello holiday time. Last curve. Home.

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