Do a Kindness

Do a kindness, do it well;
Angels will the story tell.
Do a kindness, tell it not.
Angel hands will mark the spot.

Do a kindness; though no story
It may grace, it will ring in glory.
Do a kindness; though it is small,
Angels’ voices sing it all.

Do a kindness; never mind.
What you lose the angels find.
Do a kindness, small or great;
It will come back in double weight.

Do a kindness; never fret.
No good deed has been lost yet.
Do a kindness, do it now.
Angels know it all somehow.

Do a kindness any time.
Angels weave it into rhyme.
Kindly deeds and thoughts and words
Bless the world like songs and birds.

Author unknown – THOMAS M. RICHARDSON,
Wynnewood, OK,

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:


Houston, Texas, May 23. – M. L. Kuykendall
of this city, assistant superintendent
of the Southern Pacific lines, was instantly
killed, and Bob Peacock, a section
hand, was seriously injured, in a
motor car wreck one and a half miles
east of Garrison at 5:30 p. m. today.

The motor car had just left Garrison
with six sections of work cars to go to a
freight derailment, six miles east of that
point, and was proceeding at a fast rate
of speed when the accident happened.

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