I Remember You, Love in My Prayers

When the curtains of night are pinned back by the stars
And the beautiful moon leaps the skies,
When the dewdrops of heaven are kissing the rose
It is then that my memory flies
As if on the wings of some beautiful dove
In haste with the message it brings,
To bring you a kiss of affection and say,
I remember you, love, in my prayers.

Chorus –
Go where you, may, on land or on sea,
I’ll share all your sorrows and cares,
And at night, when I kneel by my bedside to pray,
I remember you, love, in my prayers.

I have loved you too fondly to ever forget
The love you have spoken to me;
The kiss of affection still warm on my lips,
When you told me how true you would be.
I know not if fortune be fickle or friend,
Or if time on your memory wears,
I know that I love you wherever you roam,
And remember you, love in my prayers.

When the heavenly angels are guarding the good,
As God has ordained them to do,
In answer to prayers that I offer to Him,
I know there is one watching you;
And may its bright spirit go with you through life,
To guide you up heaven’s bright stairs,
And meet with the one who has loved you so true
And remember you, love in her prayers.

Some of you have, no doubt, heard
your mothers sing “I Remember You,
Love in My Prayers.” – Editor Our
Young People.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:

… miles north of here in this cou…
is to have the unique distinction …
having its city government for ….
next two years controlled entir…
by women. The city election to ei…
the officers for the next bien…
period will be held on April 5 ….
every candidate filed for office …
a woman.

An indication that the women …
this prosperous little town h…
taken this step deliberately is fo…
in the fact that no candidate has ….
opponent. The women have …
dently conbined and made up …
ticket and the men, not having ….
nerve to oppose, have decided to ….
the election go by default.

The woen mentioned have fo…
number of years been active to…
boosters and have taken promin…
parts in the building up of th…
town. Addington has always be…
town of clean government, cl…
streets and good schools …
churches. The results of the …
periment of a city run by wo…
only will be watched with inter….
by many other towns.

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