Lullaby Yodel

My baby, I know that you want me
Each lonely night and day,
Your dear blue eyes, how they haunt me,
Though you’re far away.
O, why did she take you away from my arms,
And leave nothing to cherish there;
She left me so blue, but when she took you, too,
It seemed more than I could bear.

My baby, I want you tonight, dear,
After my work is through,
To rock you to sleep in my arms, dear,
And sing lullaby to you.

I dream of your baby caresses,
Dimples and golden hair,
I reach out to clasp you in my arms
And find only emptiness there.
Your future has been my chief aim of my life.
You’ll never know what it means,
My plans and my schemes are all blasted, it seems.
For you are my baby only in dreams.

From the Reverse Side of the Clipping:

The Kind of
Roots We Grow.
90% to 100%
Live and Produce

It’s Planting Time.

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