Nobody’s Darling

Out in this cold world alone,
Walking about through the street,
Asking a penny for bread,
Begging for something to eat.
Parentless, friendless and poor,
Nothing but sorrow I see.
I am nobody’s darling,
Nobody cares for me.

Chorus –
Nobody’s darling on earth –
Heaven will merciful be;
There I am somebody’s darling –
Somebody cares for me.

No one to kiss me good-night,
No one to put me to bed,
Up in the attic alone,
Weeping for those who are dead.
Merciless winds chill my form.
Sitting on poverty’s knee –
I am nobody’s darling;
Nobody cares for me.

Often at night when I kneel,
Lifting my sorrowful eyes,
Asking for mother to smile
Down on her child from the skies,
Then I forget all my grief,
Mother in heaven I see.
There I am somebody’s darling,
Somebody cares for me.

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