Poetical Exercise

The one thing I purchased today was a dictionary. Specifically:
Appleton’s New Spanish Dictionary
Arturo Cuya
Newly Revised by
Antonio Llano
Copyright 1940

Just now, I randomly downloaded a spanish language poetry book from Kindle. The exercise that I want to play with is to translate a spanish poetry into English. This would be without the intention of staying faithful to the original poem as a true translator would but to play with the poetical language.

I am not a spanish speaker. I have 2 years of high school and 2 semesters of college spanish far behind me and that’s about it.

Aqui me pongo a cantar

Aqui – adv. here; hither; then – de a., from here, from this place; hence. – or a., here, hereabouts; this way, through here
Me – 1st person, pers. pron. dative, accusative and reflexive case of YO.
(YO – 1. pers. pron. I. -y. mismo, I myself. II. m. ego.)

Pongo – m. (S. A.) narrow and dangerous ford; Indian servant; (zool.) orang-outang. V. PONER.
(PONER – vr. to apply one’s self to, to set about; to don, put on (as a garment); to set or place one’s self; to oppose; become, get (as wet, angry, dirty); to set (as the sun); to reach, get to, arrive; to adorn one’s self)

a -prep. (1) to before the indirect object; also, to indicate direction, end, purpose, objective, destination, interval, limit ,approval, etc.;

cantar – m. song set to music; va. to sing; to sing; make a harsh grinding noise; to divulge or giveaway a secret; to squeal.

Possible Take aways:
Here I Become a Song
Here I Put on the Song
I put the song here.
The song becomes me.
The song is me, is this place.

It occurs to me that the same or similar could be done with English poems.

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